“Suits you to a T”

Brighton CentaIP Dolph Zahid Heros Ltd Norton PR

Withit as a brand was built on t-shirts from as far back as 1991.  Dolph Zahid started selling them in his Brighton store in the deep dark days of the mobilesrecession. The popularity of the many designs and the simplicity of them captured the imagination of those keen to shine a little differently.

So 30 years later and tens of thousands of t-shirts later, sold globally, we find ourselves working with T-shirt empresarios Heros Ltd creating the designs with an updated freshness that captures the retro vibe so prevalent in fashion now.

The first company to be selling these will be HMV Online where there will be 6 different designs and colours available in adult sizes from S to XXL for £13.99.

Withits’ Agents, CentaIP developed initial talks with HMV before Heros stepped in to provide the production

With sales online being such a huge part of fashion retail, the designs were upscaled in size to give them more impact on a mobiles smaller screen.

Brad Caines, Creative Director states “we wanted to get a broader scope of the Withit back catalogue as it were and offer a variety for past, present and future fans of the brand”

The t-shirts will be worn and promoted by a series of Influencers initially on TikTok with further imagery on Instagram and Facebook, manager by Norton PR.