Say Cheese!


As part of our new bag development, we have reached that point where a basic photo of the bags just wasn’t enough. Time to add some life to the lifestyle as it were and so it was time to organise a photoshoot.

Caitlin Lock is a local photographer who came highly recommended to Withit and keeping things close by made the logistics much easier. Caitlin builds a great rapport with her subjects having worked on so many live events, so she really knew how to get the best out of our young, excited model. In fact, our smiley model for the day was no stranger to the camera herself, being a big fan online with her own TikTok dance routines.

There were so many things to organise in terms of clothing, lighting, backdrops etc but we wanted to keep a wholesome, fun look overall and keep the shoot fresh-faced and makeup-free.

The day progressed well, and the Cheeky Monkey Bags were first up – paired with a few different outfits and all with a sky blue backdrop to compliment the denim finishes.

A speedy lunch a quick dog walk, and with a few more outfit changes we began shooting the Glamour Puss Bag range.  A long but fun day that was well worth all the hard work by those involved and we got lots of great shots.

You will be able to see some of these photos soon (here’s are a few attached as a taster). As we get closer to the BLE Show in November we will release some more, so be sure to follow us on our new Instagram #WithitWow