Word play imagery that communicates a simple phrase with universal appeal.

Withit is a brand with a very simple, universal origin. Word play combined with imagery that completes a phrase. As any idea that becomes globally successful, it needs to communicate easily. We combine the animal image with the word in our head to complete the phrase. A simple, satisfying, clever concept that has made the brand endure and retain its affections for so many since 1996.

So if you are a Cheeky Monkey or a Glamour Puss you will find a friend in Withit. Everybody knows somebody they relate to in a Withit character.

Wide range of poses and artwork to support 16 different icons.

There are numerous characters in this brand with 8 key characters that are used most often. Every one of them has a range of different poses to further express their personality. Each of the characters also has its own profile of likes and traits to enable product development to be enhanced. These are then combined with patterns and colour palettes to create products.

These iconic characters have transcended all demographics to sell in over 40 countries.

New style guide with inspired colour palettes and fresh category offerings.

We released a brand new style guide in 2020, introducing new combinations of colours and looks supporting our 2 core markets of young/early teen girls and women.

We introduced new product categories such as homewares, bed + bath and kitchen accessories, using more current ‘mid-century’ colour styling to fit with current trends, monochrome and of course Withit’s original classic colours, showing how Withit can now appeal to its original fanbase who are now young adults with homes and families of their own.