Withit first opened as a t-shirt shop, est. 1991 in Brighton, UK.

Withit was established in 1991 by Dolph Zahid. During deep recession, he decided to take a new direction and opened his first t-shirt shop in Brighton, UK. Unbeknown to him, Brad Caines had also started selling his own hand painted t-shirt designs at craft shows and street markets in Bristol.

That same year they met at Spring Fair at the NEC, where Dolph was the first person to place a wholesale order from Brad. By 1996 they had joined forces. Dolph had 7 Withit shops by then and Brad had learned to use commercial printing equipment for production, which he relocated to Brighton.

Retail success meant the brand evolved into adding wholesale and licensing to its repertoire.

It soon became apparent that other shops wanted to buy Withit t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and bags. So wholesale was the next step, and within 2 years they were supplying over 200+ independent retailers in the UK and Europe. Sales were boosted by attending the very popular “Clothes Show Live” event with thousands of Withit garments sold each year they exhibited. Withit to stepped into the Licensing arena by attending their show in London in 2001.  WHSmiths was the first retailer to come on board with a Back to School stationery range that sold in massive numbers, paving the way for deals with major retailers in 40 countries.

New style guide out now. New range of products launching in 2021.  PR Company on board with new website and social media campaign.

As the retail landscape changes, there is a keen interest in brands with strong sales history that can transcend cultures and genders. Withit has found itself once more being asked to step back into the limelight.  A new style guide has been produced with a fresh direction and purpose to target Withit’s original audience who are now young adults as well as their children.

A new fashion bag range and stationery line launches in early 2021.  Backed up with a PR company managing the brand and renewed social media platforms with licensing in the UK managed with CentaIP as well as existing agents in France and Italy.