A wide range of bold, graphic, humour based characters with strong personalities and an irreverent eye on todays’ world!

The Phizzogs are characters based on the familiar and humorous phrases and pop-culture stereotypes found in everyday life.  Originally developed as a popular t-shirt range, they sold 10’s of thousands of garments within the younger, student type demographic and audiences with a sense of self deprecating fun

Their irreverent expressions and comical attitude made them perfect to poke a little fun at ourselves and at society today. Ultimately the Phizzogs are a bunch of late teen early 20 something’s having fun and making sense of the world.

The design process of crafting a cast of characters that play with stereotypes to generate a laugh out loud reaction.

With a clean, simplistic look Phizzogs cleverly juxtapose their unique, childish imagery with an edgy adult sense of humour making fun out of life.

The Phizzogs were originally created as simple stick characters they were later refined and fleshed out, with more poses, expressions and a wealth of catchphrases and punchlines they keep everyone chuckling.  As the range expanded it found new audiences, reflecting today’s society and cultural backgrounds.

Creating product lines that build on our Strong graphic with an eye-catching, bold style for edgy audience.

Bold colours and clean line work makes Phizzogs production friendly and perfect for application to a myriad of items. We developed a wealth of character poses and slogans ready to adapt to a variety of categories and to keep the brand unique we even created our own custom typeface.

We’ve already designed and developed wide range of products to help you envisage what is possible with the brand. Extensive and proven apparel lines and gifting areas are available as well as FSDU concepts for instore displays.