Special agents cats in major cities around the world solving crimes and beating the bad guys.

Kitties in the Cities is led by an intrepid little kitten by the name of Tabby, a bright one with a vision to be the best investigator anywhere! She is part of a special organisation of agents based in major cities around the world. Tabby teams up with agents in different cities to take on bad guys in fun filled capers to be the best crimebuster she can be. New York, Paris or Shanghai, Tabby takes on the task with the help of the local agent. Currently being developed into an animated show of 52 episodes. Viewers  travel without moving as Tabby and her team navigate cities and cultures around the globe in a fast action and fun packed adventure.

A different cat in every famous city in the world each, enhanced with their own unique cultural qualities.

Each character has a more stylish quality and fine line work for a classic look. Every agent is epitomised by the culture of the city they live in. Blanche is a white cat in Paris, her cover is a Bistro owner, whereas Madison lives in New York and is fashion designer and stylist and Angel is a Music Journalist who loves to skateboard around London.

Female characters who are not afraid to break with traditions, empowering girls to strike out and achieve whatever they want.  Endlessly expandable with many more cities and cats available in the extensive style guide.

Classic line work with in depth graphics on the cats as well as the major landmarks they live by. 

We released a brand new style guide in 2020, introducing new combinations of colours and looks supporting our 2 core markets of young/early teen girls and women.

Artwork has a hand drawn quality with elements of retro shading and colour palettes to keep it fresh and on point. Buildings and major landmarks from all the various cities are incorporated into patterns and design work. Cultural references are used as well as elements from each cats ‘undercover’ careers as secret agents tapping into familiar imagery of their home.

Font styling reflects the origins of each country or city ad there are  in-depth back stories for every cat as well a range of careers with graphics to match them.