Kindness counts!
Two monkeys that keep unity and friendship at the forefront.

Joey and Joy are two adorable little fun loving monkeys who are the best of friends and show kindness and respect for each other in words and actions. With core values of unity, love and honesty.  In a variety of poses and drawings we show these two venturing through life together in harmony. Two main themes, one of love and romance (True Love) and the other on friendship and equality (Best Friends).

Primarily for the greetings and gifting markets there is a wealth of artwork to appeal to varying age groups.

Always together and forever fun.
Sketched or in strong graphics the are always expressive and appealing.  

Monkeys have long held affection with people around the world. Playing on the fondness we have for them, Joey and Joy can represent any couple and help express in words what we want to say. Now more than ever we have found how important it is to stay connected with people we care for.  Joey has a fun boisterous sense about him yet is protective and caring. Joy is resourceful, kind and loving with a healthy splash of feisty.

The many poses reflect how they get on together and in good times and tough times.

It can be crafting and nostalgic with vintage hues or bold and graphic, this brand covers many looks.

There is an extensive style guide for Joey & Joy.  A more romantic “True Love” sketched look lends itself to greetings and gifting for adult audience.  This uses vintage colours and elements of crafting to create a feeling of nostalgia.

There is also a “Best Friends” range of bold colours that would work well for fun stationery and bag ranges for younger kids that creates a sense of energy with youthful innocence and fun adventures.