Introducing Dodleboos! Gentle adventures for preschool children helping them to learn during play to process in dreams!

DoodleBoos is a collection of 6 adorable, unique characters that were created with a younger audience in mind.

The premise of the brand was to focus on the key areas of learning that are so important to children’ during their children during their early years.

The DoodleBoos are always leaning as they have fun and engage with the world around.

We created a family of Iconic animal characters from different continents, each with a unique love of play. 

Each character has their own a unique characteristic that they use to explore and develop. Children process what they have learned during the day when they go to sleep at night, developing and building up their knowledge of the world.

The concept is to tap into that process and blend adventures into the stories they read based in the dreamlike Doodleboos world that they can explore as they learn.

Inspired by 50’s & retro imagery and colours in a casual,   scribbled, sketchy style expressing childlike qualities.

We released a brand new style guide in 2020, introducing new combinations of colours and looks supporting our 2 core markets of young/early teen girls and women.

We took our inspiration for the styling of the DoodleBoos in an adaptation of the way that children ‘colour in’ images and where they go outside the lines.

The characters are sketchy and scribbled, almost unfinished, allowing the child to ‘add’ and adapt to the way they look. Our colourways and even the names of the characters are reminiscent of retro 50’s styling with mid century influenced patterns to give a sense of comfort and nostalgia.