Emoticons are Withit!

Cheeky Monkey Chocolate Moose Emoticons Happy Bunny WithitWorld

With the world now entrenched or maybe drenched in emoticons, a whole new visual language has emerged.  Like a 21st century set of Egyptian Hieroglyphics they have come to dominate our digital world daily.

Of course the ones we use today carry emotion rather than a graphic way to define a specific letter but none the less they seem set to grow and change as our society does almost daily!

With the development of the new WithitWorld website, a range of Withit Emoticons began to develop and thus a redraw of how the Withit Characters are portrayed came about.

In many ways the original Withit characters were almost emoticons before the internet was invented.  Using word and imagery at that stage, they were only barely a step away from what we see so much now.

Take Cheeky Monkey, with his tongue sticking out, you almost didn’t need the word underneath to get what the image was conveying.   So as the art and look developed on the website, the Withit Emoticons began to shape up.

Constrained into equal parameters proved to have its own specific set of issues with large antlers on Chocolate Moose and the ever big floppy ears of Happy Bunny proving most challenging.

Now you can see the first set, we will be planning to expand them further as they will be appearing on various social media posts to visually convey, well what else, but an emotion….