A World of WoW!

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As part of Withit Studios ongoing process to reimagine its branding we wanted to revisit our website and give it a more fun immersive experience.

What was always loved about the Withit characters were their personality profiles, the fact it was not just a cat or a monkey but that it was a character with things they love and friends they cherished all living in their own little world….WithitWorld.

Once you selected a character you find out where their house is like, which zone in WithitWorld they live, as well as all their fave things such as colour, ice-cream, hobby and of course their best friend.

As they scroll down they see what their friendship means to them with a little tip or advice on what being a good friend is all about.

This then leads into what all kids love, a quiz, with a very Olympic inspired Bronze, Silver and Gold set of question to try.  With 8 different characters to discover and learn about the website allows fans to then share with their friends who their favourite Withit character is.  But if you are not sure what character best suits you, there is a quick personality test where you can select some things you like and a Withit Character will be selected for you that matches you best.

There are of course the social media interactions they can share as well as links to products past and present to view or buy.  The site is not tied into giving out your email address to join.  We know parents are anxious about such info being given out and how much of it ends up in their junk mailbox, so we wanted access to be easy and free for everyone to enjoy.

There is a desktop version also and another exciting element to come will be Withit Play, where there will be interactions for making fun projects, baking cakes and drawing characters and colouring in to come soon, so look out for the next blog where tell you all about “Withit Play”